Oglala flag graces the gym at
Intensity MMA & Fitness, San Diego, CA
Photo by Sky Andren

By permission of the Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming
see http://gsmw.org/2013-gsmw-annual-meeting/

On this Happy Fourth of July, 2012, honoring the Catawba Indian Nation
from whom our ancestors stole the Catawba River to create Lake Wylie

Wendy in North Carolina, U.S.A.

Tulsa Public Schools Native American Assembly
Memorial High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Organizer: Helen Brumley
Photographer: Roger McLain

Delegates representing the
United Confederation of Taino People
present their flag to the Mashantucket Pequot Nation
Ref: http://www.uctp.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=689&Itemid=2

Tulsa Public Schools Native American Assembly
Memorial High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
November 15, 2011
Organizer: Helen Brumley
Photographer: Roger McLain

Little Shell Chippewa and Healing World Flag
at the home of Troy Baker
Hot Springs, Montana

photo courtesy Troy Baker





Chief Leschi High School Gymnasium,
Puyallup Tribal Reservation
Puyallup, Washington, U.S.A.
photos by Gordon James, Jr.


Alex 'Kicking Wing'
Menominee Nation
Iraq, 2010


Your flags are a great addition to Millioke Meadows at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, Pennsylvania. The files you sent of the flags were used to make identification signs for each flag pole and are very helpful in identifying the flags to guests.  

Tony Marshall


Kalispel flag at
Chris Bedwell's residence
in Washington DC


Oglala Lakota flag being admired in France
at the home of Jean-Loup Bidot


Crow Agency, Mont., booth at the First Baptist Church,
Jackson, Miss., Mission Fair November, 2008


Crow flag on display at First Baptist Church
Jackson, Mississippi


Blackfeet, Unconquered Seminoles
 and Delaware of Oklahoma flags,
 Havenstreet Steam Rally, Aug. 2008, U.K.
Photos courtesy Shirley Cross


United Sioux flag under rainbow
in Wismar, Germany
Photo courtesy Peter Göring


Turtle Mountain Chippewa
in Brittany, France
June 30, 2008
photo courtesy Sophie Rault


Abenaki  flag at the RAULT
family home in Rostrenen, Brittany.
Photo courtesy Sophie Rault 


Colorado River Indian Tribe
flown by Chris Bedwell in
Washington DC


Northern Arapaho of Wyoming
flying in Washington DC
Photo courtesy Chris Bedwell



Peltier & United Sioux in Golden, Colorado
Blackfeet, Mohawk,  Lenni Lenape & Co.
at Laughton Steam Rally, UK, in 2007
Photo courtesy Mick & Shirley Cross


Günther Huber with 
Oglala Sioux and Healing Flag
in the woods near Vienna, Austria


Chief Threebears,
Turtle Clan Chief of the
Munsee Delaware Indian Nation USA (left) 
presenting Nation's flag to Village Chief
Eagle Shadow, New Bulltown Village, WV


Western Heritage Center Booth
American Indian Heritage Day
Billings, Montana
September 2007


Montana Tribal Flags in front of the
Western Heritage Center
in Billings, Montana for 
American Indian Heritage Month
Chris Bedwell's
Clatsop-Nehalem flag
in Washington, D.C.

First Flag Flight: Sokaogon Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Mole Lake, Wisconsin - June 2007

Healing Flag flutters in the breeze near an ice-covered cherry tree, following an ice storm in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

I have had this flag for the past several months, flying it in my backyard near a cherry tree that is very special for me. I purchased it originally out of respect for the Native American culture, the healing it represents, and the fact that it has the colors of all the Tribes of Man fashioned into its design.

During its time in our yard, it has brought both physical and spiritual healing to myself and my family.

Mike Tripp
Staunton, Virginia

Healing Flag near Rennes, Brittany, outside the home of Breton Flag Expert Hervé Prat in Mordelles

Healing Flag on the funeral wreath of the great Breton heraldist and flag designer Bernard Le Brun, Quimper, Brittany, January 19, 2007

Upper Skagit
flag at the home of Philippe and Sophie Rault in Brittany, France




Oglala Lakota flag proudly displayed by Aaron Iron Bear of the Lakota Nation outside his home in Charleston, SC.


Healing Flag flying with the Lakota Oglala in Rostrenen, Brittany, on June 26 remembrance of Little Bighorn, in the garden of Healing Flag designer, Mme Sophie Rault. (for symbolism of the Healing flag click here)
Healing Flag outside the home of Dr. Rebecca Spencer in Tucson, Arizona



A Healer and his flag
Dr. Philippe Rault in his medical office in Rostrenen, Brittany, with the Healing Flag prominently displayed for his patients

TOP: Young "Wolf Dancer" at a Clatsop-Nehalem potlatch in Astoria, Oregon, in front of his tribe's new flag.


MIDDLE: Charlie Tailfeather, representing the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, at the opening of the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Exhibition at the Oregon Historical Society.


BOTTOM: Bill Howell, of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, proudly carries his tribe's flag in the opening ceremonies of "Destination: The Pacific", the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial event at Fort Stevens, Oregon, on Veterans Day 2005.


pictures courtesy Ted Kaye

Oglala Sioux and United Sioux Tribes flying proudly outside the home of David Beck in Ellensburg, Washington

Mohawk flag guarding Indian archeological site on Amy Spencer's property in Iowa City, Iowa

I feel so honored to have these flags flying, protecting ancestral land. My heart is much happier now, I no longer feel alone in my battle, for all of the People whom the flags represent, are with me.  Amy Spencer

I love the Healing Lodge flag, it's the most beautiful flag there could ever be. The name is fitting, since it brings peace to the soul. 
These Healing Lodge flags mean so much to me. I've witnessed them touch the hearts of people, and know they hold a special healing power. Amy Spencer, Iowa City, Iowa.. 

At memorial services for Blackfeet Elder Don "Red Eagle" Brown, Ray Thunderhawk and Will Davis present his wife, Essie, with the flag of the Black feet Nation. Thank you TME Co., from Space Coast Florida Native Americans

Kalispel flag (left) flying alongside Hellquist family flag in North Adams, Mass.

Comanche in Oxford, U.K.

Flag of North American Independent Indigenous Community (El Paso, Texas) flying in Rostrenen, Brittany

NAVA Member Sophie Rault's flag makes its debut at the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations, Spokane, WA. 

Navajo flag in Iraq 2004, courtesy A1C Jeanita Gene

Clatsop - Brittany

Lewis & Clark Encounter flags, 
Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City, KS
 Thanks to Suzanne Heck, the Potawatomi News

Blackfeet, over Rostrenen, Brittany

Joe Scovell, Chairman of the Clatsop-Nehalem, with the Nation's new flag designed by his son Mark

TOP: Largest display of Native flags in the Northeast -- 
I. C. O. N. E. flag stand at powwow in Amenia, NY

MIDDLE: Standing Otter directing flag traffic for Grand Entrance at Amenia, NY, powwow

BOTTOM: Standing Otter in sea of flags a few minutes later

TOP: Spotted Horse with United Sioux Tribes, Amenia, NY

MIDDLE: Standing Otter with I.C.O.N.E. (Intertribal Council of New England), Amenia, NY

BOTTOM: Standing Otter and Many Coats with Eastern and Western Cherokee, respectively, Amenia, NY

Chinook, Lenni Lenape, Citizen band of Potawatomi, Iowa of Oklahoma, in Muncie, Indiana

Crow, Oglala Sioux, Comanche in Maryland (left to right)

AROOSTOOK BAND OF MICMAC, in Rostrenen, Brittany

Northern Cheyenne in Brittany (France)

Abenaki flag in Florida

Northern Cheyenne in Delhi, NY

Chinook in Delhi, NY