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Metrix4Media ( is currently performing a Web advertising campaign for TME Co. Inc., that will place our custom flag design & manufacturing services in front of potential customers.   

Discussions with their excellent account manager Ms. Chrissy Wilson revealed that the Dallas-based company -- 80% owned by Hearst Corporation, one of our nation's largest diversified media companies -- does not yet have a flag.   

This proved to be catnip for some of the world's best flag designers on three continents, who volunteered their outsized talents and created the unique images shown below.


DESIGNER: Ted Kaye, Portland, Oregon, USA

White background, and one of the two reds that the logo uses.
Try each and pick what makes sense. Although the "4" is on the brighter red, the other two panels are darker, so they might be more important. Could simplify it by turning the cube-with-white edges-and-a-4 into a solid hexagon of the same color as the stripes.  That takes the basic design elements of the logo and converts them into a flag.


DESIGNER: Mme Sophie Rault, Brittany, France

-- A red cube with '4' in the middle, adjust size as needed   

-- the red line under the logo is replaced with a red border on the flag   

-- no lettering on flags, so the company is represented by a single 'M', which is a vertically symmetrical letter and hence causes no problem from the reverse   

-- white field to minimize colors and add to the sobriety of the design.


DESIGNER: Tony Burton, New South Wales, Australia

I have studied the www.metrix4media (M4M) website a little more and draw the inference that their service is as messenger to the chariots of knowledge - by which I mean the fire of ideas, carried through the Internet in all directions, and sought in all directions.  This is what M4M does.

In the very roughly drawn images attached I have played with the form of the letter M to suggest stylised microchips presented as a rotational – searching outward, organizing.

Janus-faced, the emblem looks left and right, east and west, and for good measure, downward as well as pointing upward – Knowledge and Power are two sides of the same coin: that point perhaps of the Chariot vision.

One other image also came to me - the concept of 4 to denote the four corners of the world as well as being simply an abbreviation for "for". The four corners concept is suggested in the cardinal points of the diamond, always a startling graphic.



DESIGNER: Dino Fernandez, Miami Beach, Florida