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"Peter: I've now been actually flying the flags for a little while and I must say that I'm very impressed with everything about them. The color of the flags is better than any printed flags I have yet seen and despite the frequent exposure to bright, windy days down here in the sunny South, they have not shown any sign of fading. Once again, I would find it hard to over-rate the quality of not only the process for printing these flags, but their construction as well. One of my friends that purchased one of the flags said that the flag reminds him of the look of actual flag bunting. An added plus! Our camp has now sold half of the flags we originally ordered and continue to have nothing but positive feedback. Peter and his associates have provided a previously unavailable historic Confederate flag to the wider flag and historic communities and I, for one, cannot thank them enough"...Bob Chapman, SCV Camp 129, Waco, Texas

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