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Peacock - Charles

The flag of Ethiopia's Emperor Haile Salassie
(reigned 1930-1974) gracing the woods near
Dave Martucci's mansion in Washington, Maine


Flags of US President (1916-1945 ) and Washington's Body Guard
at the home of Ted Spencer in Lewes, DE


Kaiser’s Standard  over Newcastle harbor, New South Wales, Australia
Photo courtesy Colin Randall

Flag Display @ the McGinnis' Presidents' Day 2008
Brooklyn, NY


Washington Life Guard flag at the Austin, TX, home of
John W. Knox, Texas Brigade Commander
Descendant of George Washington's Army at Valley Forge

John wrote:

Washington's Army entered Valley Forge on 19 December 1776.  On the 230th anniversary, 19 December 2007, I raised this Flag of George Washington's Life Guard in front of my home to honor all those men, and especially Shadrack Pinkston, a member of George Washington's Life Guard at that time and one of my ancestors.


Frederick the Great's Gneisenau Regimental Standard
in full flight at the Rault mansion in Brittany

(Courtesy Sophie Rault)


Old Glory and two Royals
(14/15th-century Burgundy and 19th-century Hawaii) 
at Ted Spencer's home in Lewes, Delaware


Personal Prussian Standard of Heinrich Ochsenwadel, King of Prussia, Berlin,  9 August 2007, presented to Sophie Rault in Brittany



Austrian Imperial, John of Gaunt

and German Imperial flags elegantly

displayed by David Gagnon in Québec


Brazil Imperial and French Royal flags grace the skies above Devereaux Cannon’s estate in Rosehill, Tennessee




The New South Wales chapter of Flags Australia held one of its quarterly meetings in Sydney of Thursday 24 May 2007, which coincided with the former Empire Day.  During our show-and-tell session I displayed five historical flags I purchased from TME Co.  Much admiration for their quality.

From left to right (seated):

Tony Burton
Miles Li
William Franklin

From left to right (standing):

John Lanser
Ashley Chapman (visiting from Brisbane)
Ralph Kelly
Colin Randall (visiting from Newcastle)
Stephen Berry
Gerald Naughton (our host)
John Vaughan
Elizabeth Kwan (visiting from Darwin)







After 89 years Austria-Hungary's Imperial Standard reports to duty ... in Queens, NY, at the home of Roger Callan


Imperial Standard of the Pahlavi Dynasty

Imperial Standard of the Pahlavi Dynasty in a recent display


The flag of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, received a world première outing on the Third Day of Christmas 2006 in Portland, Tenn., at the Rose Hill estate of NAVA Vice-President Devereaux Cannon