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This collection of Historic Flags is a result primarily of contributions from two superb experts:   

The great Italian flag expert and graphic artist Mario FABRETTO researched and created  the computer art for the  German, Austro-Hungarian, Pahlavi and Mexican Imperial Standards along with the Prussian Royal Standard. Mario's other handiwork can be see on his website A WORLD OF FLAGS  http://www.radioprotezione.it/wof/index.php   

Michael FAUL, editor of Flagmaster, the leading flag newsletter, researched 800 Years of English Royal Standards and kindly provided information for the flag of John of Gaunt from York, UK.

Brazilian Imperial Standard
Double-sided, polyester, 3x5ft
$275, includes shipping worldwide
Artwork by Mario Fabretto


2nd Regiment
Continental Light Dragoons
(Sheldon's Horse)
Initiated and researched by world-class flag expert and historian
David Martucci
100 x 120 cm (~ 39" x 47") 
Historical & Digital CLUB Pricing:
Single = 70.50, postpaid in the US
Double flag (reading correctly on reverse) = $145, postpaid in the US
RETAIL: $135 and $275, respectively, postpaid.
Research notes available for interested customers upon request.


Imperial flag of Haile Selassie I,
last Emperor of Ethiopia
double flag, 3x5ft, grommets, polyester, w/ innerliner
$275 retail; $175 NAVA & Club Members, postpaid.
Initiated by Doug Askman
Researched by Doug Askman and Ralph Kelly

Historical Notes: Name is linked to the Rastafarian movement (see below), which considers him to have been God Incarnate. Before  ascending to the throne, he was Ras Tafari (Lord Tafari). Source: Michael Faul

 "The Rastafari movement, or Rasta, is a religious movement that accepts Haile Selassie I, the former Emperor of Ethiopia, as God incarnate, whom they call JAH or Jah Rastafari. He is also seen as part of the Holy Trinity as the messiah promised in the Bible to return. The name Rastafari comes from Ras (literally "Head," an Ethiopian title equivalent to Duke), and Tafari Makonnen, the pre-coronation name of Haile Selassie I."


Washington Body Guard Flag

Initiated by John Knox
Research by Dave Martucci
Artwork by Mario Fabretto

3x5 ft, DOUBLE sided, polyester, grommets
$165 (Club Members), $325 (retail)


US Presidential Standard 1916-1945

Initiated by Doug Steward
Research and artwork by Ralph Kelly

100cm x 145cm, DOUBLE polyester flag, grommets
$155 (Club Members) $ 275 (retail)


Emperor Napoleon III's Personal Standard
Second French Empire (1852-1870)

Initiated by Ralph Kelly
Researched by Doug Askman,
Devereaux Cannon & Ralph Kelly

Artwork by Mario Fabretto

120cm x 140cm, DOUBLE polyester flag, grommets
$165 (Club Members), $295 (retail)


Historic flag of Virginia (1861-1865)

3x5 ft, double flag, correct reverse

Initiated by Devereaux Cannon

with critical contributions by John Dillingham

Artwork by Mario Fabretto

Club price: $145

NAVA Members: $185 + shipping

Retail: $285




Burgundy, 14/15th century Royal Banner   

Initiated by David Ott, Texas Lions by Mario Fabretto   

3x5 ft, single/reverse, polyester, grommets   

$57.00 (Club Members) $75.00 + shipping (NAVA Members) $175.00 list


Hawaiian Royal Standard

nitiated by Prof. Doug Askman, Hawai'i

3x5 ft, single/reverse, polyester, grommets

$57.00 (Club Members)
$75.00 + shipping (NAVA Members)
$175.00 list


Frederick the Great’s Prussia 
Grenadier Regiment Graf Gneisenau No. 9




(1890 - 1912)



3x5ft, custom order, $185, free shipping for U.S. and Canadian customers



GERMAN IMPERIAL STANDARD 1890 - 1918 under Kaiser Wilhelm II, House of Hohenzollern


Austria-Hungary Imperial Standard 1815-1918

Custom runs only, 10-flag min. order
4x4ft double flag, $195/flag + $17 shipping in U.S.
For single-ply digital orders click here



This flag will be available by the end of March, 2007


Imperial Pahlavi Standard

3 x 5 ft, 6 colors,
high-strength knit polyester,
grommets.  $145 ($75 by subscription*)



Michael Faul, one of England’s foremost flag experts, adds the following explanation to this rarest of flags:

The basic design is the English Royal Standard of 1340-1377 and 1399-1405.  John of Gaunt bore these arms as a son of Edward II, but with what is termed a differencing.  Across the top is what is heraldically described as a "label double ermine".  In normal English heraldry, a white label of three points indicates the eldest son.  On the death of the father, the holder of the arms, the eldest son abandons the label and assumes the unvaried arms as borne by his father. Younger sons have other "differencings" (e.g. a crescent for the second son, a mullet for the third and so on).  Should the eldest son have a son while still using the label, that son uses a label of five points and if he also has a son while his grandfather is alive, that son uses a label of seven points.  Possibly due to the life-expectancy of the time, they never went further than seven.  The exception is in royal arms. There the sons of the monarch always have the label of three points, and do not use the junior differencings (crescent, mullet etc).  They are distinguished by additions to the points of the label.  In the case of John of Gaunt the addition took the form of two ermine spots on each point.  As a result of his marriage to Constance, daughter of Pedro the Cruel of Castille and León, John added an inescutcheon of those arms. This marriage formed the basis for his claim to the Castilian throne after Pedro's death, and his subsequent foray into Spain, which ended in failure. The variant of these arms, also shown at http://www.tmealf.com/royal.htm, shows the English arms with John's differencing flanked by the arms of Castille and León. It is likely that he would have used this pattern only while in Spain, in part as a courtesy and in part to state his claim to the throne. 



3 x 3.6 ft, $45.00




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"I am very pleased with the 4ft x4ft German Imperial Standard (1890-1918)! Excellent detail."
Delbert Starr, Wisconsin, USA

"The Florida 1861 and Society of the Cincinnati flags are just great. Can't wait to get them up on a pole. "
Dr. Dennis Moore, Wichita, KS

"The quality of the Prussian and Mexican flags is just WOW! The fineness of the detail is remarkable - both as to the quality of the artwork and the precision of the printing. The Prussian and Mexican flags becomes only the second and third flags in my collection that are double layered (the other is a Saudi Arabian flag from the Sydney Olympics).  Your historical flags will certainly become vexillological heirlooms that will be treasured for decades to come."  Ralph Kelly, Flag Expert & Collector, Beecroft, Australia

"I got my replica of Maximilian's Imperial standard yesterday, and it is magnificent."  David Ott, Beaumont, Texas

"Les drapeaux [German & Austro-Hungarian Empires] sont fantastiques! Merci beaucoup d'entreprendre cette initiative!!"    David-Roger Gagnon, Montréal, Québec

"This German Imperial Standard seems too beautiful to fly outdoors -- it should be guarded as a tapestry."   Harry Oswald, College Station, Texas     

"Tausend Dank für die ausgezeichnete Kaiserliche Flagge !!!   Très impressionnant, mille bravos +++++++++++++++++++"   Dr. Philippe Rault, Brittany, France

"Wow! The German Imperial Standard arrived today. Great job on this! The artwork is exquisite and the attention to detail is impressive. It is very well made – I look forward to the Prussian Royal and Austro-Hungarian Imperial standards.  Still want you to make the Imperial Russian Standard. There may be others available but none could equal yours in quality of detail and construction. Please reconsider."  Eric MacCallan, Earlysville, Virginia