Acquiring a quality flag for an entity that isn't a U.N. member, or state/territory of the United States or Canada can be a challenge. Many of these "sub-national" flags aren't available in sizes larger than a tabletop flag, or those that are typically are of sub-standard material or manufacture. Collectors are often left with one of two options, both of which can be expensive:

1. Have a single-run flag made by applique (sewn) OR
2. A screen print or acid dye flag made with a production run of at least one dozen flags

Either of these options can be mega-bucks; even the simplest three stripe flag usually starts around $70 for an applique, and complex designs are more costly. For dyed or screen flags, there is usually a minimum run quantity -- how many times do you know of a dozen (or more) people looking for the same flag you are?

This is where the literal and figurative beauty of the digital production process comes in. Obscure, hard-to-find flags can be printed in production runs as low as three copies, and single runs aren't much more. The best part is production costs are virtually the same, regardless of design complexity.

The actual product is also a pleasant surprise. The fabric used is durable enough for outdoor use, yet has the luster that catches the sunlight on a bright day. Additionally, colors are vibrant and printing is clear and crisp- no bleed-through or incomplete overlapping that often comes with other processes. The fabric and production process lends itself well to clear features, especially compared to more traditional processes with nylon, on finer details such as script. I've seen production processes by the leading flag manufacturers that result in blurred images and nearly unintelligible script such as the flag of Saudi Arabia. This is NOT an issue with the digital process and the spun polyester fabric.

In summary, I believe you get the best of all worlds:

1. Crisp design
2. Vibrant color
3. Durable (and attractive) fabric
4. Durable physical design- properly sewn fly ends, corners, and headers
5. Minimal production quantity requirements
6. Uniform pricing, or minimal price variance of approximately 15%

All in all, the flag you've ALWAYS wanted, at a VERY reasonable price!

Chris Bedwell

(serious flag collector)


Thank you so much for the flags, they are absolutely gorgeous! Especially the Irish Farewell Banner -- it's a beautiful piece of art! I can't wait to order some more once school is over ... I like the old Chinese/Annam dragon banners that look like flames, those are awesome and might be in my sights!

Ross in Idaho

I received the digitally printed Imperial Mexican flag yesterday, and it looks absolutely beautiful! The detail and quality is beyond anything I expected! I can't get over how amazing this flag is! I will display it proudly!!! Thanks so much for the excellent service, you can count on me to do business with you again in the future! Outstanding work!

Ross in Pocatello, Idaho

My new 1898 President's Army flag arrived and it is AWESOME! The colors really pop on this fabric. Thank you for recommending it as a one-sided flag. I really appreciate your speedy service.

Robert Williamson
House of Flags Museum, Inc.
33 Gibson Street
Columbus, North Carolina
The only house of flags museum in the America! Where Patriotism lives
Web Site:

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May I say that in my 56 years of vexillohobby, I have never before encountered any other flag manufacturer who so faithfully delivered on advertised merchandise! The detail and quality are most admirable! Thank you!

Yr grateful client, in Kenmore, even, Michael B.

I received the flags and cannot tell you how impressed and pleased I am with the quality of your workmanship. 
These will truly add to the value of our growing Revolutionary War era flag collection.

Robert Williamson
House of Flags Museum, Inc.
The only house of flags museum in the country!

Peter: I've now been actually flying the flags for a little while and I must say that I'm very impressed with everything about them. The color of the flags is better than any printed flags I have yet seen and despite the frequent exposure to bright, windy days down here in the sunny South, they have not shown any sign of fading. Once again, I would find it hard to over-rate the quality of not only the process for printing these flags, but their construction as well. One of my friends that purchased one of the flags said that the flag reminds him of the look of actual flag bunting. An added plus! Our camp has now sold half of the flags we originally ordered and continue to have nothing but positive feedback. Peter and his associates have provided a previously unavailable historic Confederate flag to the wider flag and historic communities and I, for one, cannot thank them enough.

Bob Chapman, SCV Camp 129, Waco, Texas

Your shipment of the 1916 Presidential Standard arrived this past Friday... wanted to let you know I am very pleased with it ... it really is a Grand design and I'm glad to add it to my flag collection.   Keep up your excellent work, it is appreciated!!!

D. G. Ullin, Michigan, USA

Just a quick note to let you know the recent installment of flags was received over the weekend and they are fantastic! This is the second time around that I've got very excited over having a package of flags arrive, and I have to say it is completely justified. They're beautiful and like the other two, I will eventually get them up a pole so I can get some pictures for you.

David Dibble, Wyoming

Ayant reçu comme cadeau de Noël mon "drapeau personnel" je tiens à vous féliciter pour la qualité du travail et la précision des détails.  En effet les différents symboles sont parfaitement reproduits et les couleurs fidèles à mon dessin original.  Quant au tissu, il est d'excellente qualité et les coutures au battant sont renforcées, ce qui accroîtra la longévité du drapeau.

Mme Sophie Rault - Flag Designer - Brittany, France

The dollar flag arrived a few days ago, and I'm quite pleased with it.  Everything came out as planned.  It's been quite a conversation piece!

Richard R. Gideon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The [Austro-Hungarian Imperial] flag arrived today—it’s absolutely stunning! It will be flown at an upcoming (Nov. 22-23, 2008) living history event of the Great War Historical Society.

Larry Dunn, Santa Monica, Calif.

Les drapeaux sont arrivés!  Wow!!  Quels beautés!
Merci Beaucoup!  Ces drapeaux sont FANTASTIQUES!

David - Roger Gagnon, Montréal, CANADA

[The Dansey] flag is absolutely great!! It's flying out front as we speak. I am sure I will be ordering others!!

Bill Duncan, Connecticut, USA

NB: This flag is a reproduction of the only known surviving Delaware Regimental flag from the American Revolution, see


I received the Jammu and Kashmir & Tampa (Florida) flags today in the usual speedy way -- thanks. I have to say that I was quite impressed at the way the Tampa flag was manufactured. I assumed, since the flag design is sort of a Swallowtail (like Ohio), that this design might just have the appearance of a Swallowtail by using a white background on the rest of the rectangle. Imagine my surprise when I saw the edges of this one are serrated!

BedwellLand, D.C.