Flags of U.S. State Capitals

This 51-flag collection of TableTOP flags (TTFs) assembles for the first time the flags of all U.S.

State Capitals + District of Columbia. Since many capital flags feature writing, our TTF

Collection also marks the first time that these flags are reproduced with writing reading

correctly on BOTH SIDES of flags. Made possible by the novel technology we used to create

our TTF series, the work is based on our own vector design work. As a result, flag details are

unusually crisp and the spot colors bright and sharp.

The Collection is available at only $7.50 per flag mounted on the usual 10-inch, gold-speartipped,

black plastic staff.. The cost of the entire collection is $395, shipping included. Please

allow 19-21 business days for manufacture. Min order: any six flags for $50, postpaid; any

additional 6 flags = $45.

In gathering design information, I received the gracious cooperation of graphic artists, flag

experts and many individuals within city governments. One organization in particular provided

both the inspiration and the descriptive detail for this collection – the North American

Vexillological Association, whose book AMERICAN CITY FLAGS is available at

www.NAVA.org. A landmark reference work that caps over 40 years of research by principal

author John Purcell, ably assisted by James Croft and Rich Monahan, the book was edited by Ted

Kaye, author of the classic flag-design booklet GOOD FLAG, BAD FLAG, downloadable from

NAVA’s website.

A 12x18" full-color poster of the 51 flags is available for only $17.95 postpaid and shipped in a

tube from

Vexman Enterprises

240 Calderwood Rd.

Washington ME 04574-3440

E-mail: vex@vexman.net

Important contributions by the following individuals are gratefully acknowledged:

• Generous-to-a-fault Dave Martucci, who painstakingly finalized all 150 bitmap images used in

the 15-page color insert of NAVA’s book and in his 12x18" poster (see above) and offered

graphic advice whenever the going got thorny;

• Rich Kenny, The Flag Center of Redding, Calif., guru and exhibitor non-pareil of American

civic flags, with over 650 exemplars at his California ranch, the-flag-center@juno.com;

• Flag designer Sophie Rault, dedicated research time on several critical flags and provided key

information from Philippe Rault’s record 1500+ 4x6" flag collection;

• Cheryl Rings, from Gettysburg Flag Works <www.gettysburgflag.com> for a clear bitmap

file of the Albany flag ;

• Philippe & Sophie Rault, Annapolis flag JPEG;

• Anna Blodgett, Parks Director, Augusta, Maine;

• Bill Wocken, City Administrator, Bismarck, N.D.;

• Michael Zuzel, Office of the Mayor, Boise, Idaho

• Patte Papa and Paul Dennehy, City of Boston, Mass.;

• Rose Gardner, City Manager’s Office, Carson City, Nev.;

• Mary Eckert, Flag Lady's Flag Store, Columbus, Ohio;

• Hollie Ford, Office of the Mayor, Dover, Del.;

• Mayor William I. May, Jr., Frankfort, Ky.;

• Irene Iwan, Public Library, Hartford, Conn.;

• Debbie Havens, City of Helena, Mont.;

• Barbara Voeltz, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, Lincoln, Neb.;

• Rev. Michael Smith for a copy of the flag of Lincoln, Neb.;

• Gail Joyner, City of Oklahoma City, Okla.;

• Ken Hericks, City of Pierre, S.D.;

• Mayor Charles Meeker, City of Raleigh, N.C.;

• Rev. Michael Smith for a copy of the flag of Raleigh, N.C.;

• Sam Guevara and Kristen Madrigal, Office of the Mayor, Salt Lake City, Utah;

• Shawn Maisberger, Office of Mayor McClinton, Topeka, Kan.;

• Don Healy, for a copy of the Trenton, N.J., flag

THANK YOU one and all!