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I would like to thank you for spending some time sharing my hobby with me. The above photo was taken outside Sydney, Australia at a wild animal reserve. I am holding an orphan baby koala, who in turn is holding a stuffed koala toy which serves as a "security blanket". One of the advantages of studying flags is the opportunity for travel. It also gives one a better understanding of all kinds of people and what is important to them.

Speaking of important, here are pictures of two very special "consultants"! The black an brown shepard-looking guy is "Fred", a former stray, the beagle is "Bagel", a graduate of the Trenton, NJ Animal Shelter and rescued by "Friends of Homeless Animals"! Both have been extremely tolerant as I spent hours working on this site. I figured they deserved a plug! They are two very good examples of why you should visit your local animal shelter when considering adopting a dog!

There were also three feline members of the household, but they have moved on to the great litter box in the sky - all due to old age.


Quickly, the facts, ma'am, just the facts are:


Single, born December, 1948 in Newark, NJ - Roman Catholic, but not practicing.


  • St. Benedict's Grammar School, Newark, NJ - in the fabulous Ironbound - home of the great Newark restaurant district including the world famous "Spains"
  • Essex Catholic High School, Newark NJ Class off '66
  • Graduate, Jersey City State College, Jersey City, NJ, BA in Economics, 1970 (now New Jersey City University)


    • A&P, Newark & East Orange, NJ (1966-70)
    • US Army, 1970-73 - Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Jackson, SC, TUSLOG Det 67, Cakmakli, Turkey (pronounce that Chock-Mock-lee - please not, "Cack Mack Lee")
    • State of New Jersey, Dept. of Treasury, Trenton, NJ 1974-1979 - computer programmer/analyst
    • Fireman's Fund Insurance, San Rafael, CA, 1979-80, systems analyst
    • State of New Jersey, Dept. of Treasury – Office of Information Technology, Trenton, NJ, 1980-present Data Base Analyst (ADABAS & Oracle), Data Architect – Oracle, supervisor for all Oracle Applications support DBAs and (eat your heart out!) I work two blocks from my house!
    • Past treasurer & vice president of the South Trenton Area Residents' Society (STARS)
    • Member Mayor's Select Committee on Resource Recovery (1983)
    • Member Trenton Advisory Committee on Community Education (1984)
    • Member, past Chair, and past vice-chair Trenton Landmark's Commission for Historic Preservation (1985-present). "Landmarks" oversees eight historic districts and almost 50 structures outside the official districts.
    • Past president, vice-president and secretary, Trenton Gay & Lesbian Civic Association (TGLCA)
    • Past delegate from TGLCA to the New Jersey Lesbian & Gay Coalition
    • Past delegate from TGLCA to the Trenton Council of Civic Associations (1996-1999)



    • Native American studies - you may have guessed that if you visited the other parts of the wb site!
    • Vexillology - ditto!
    • Hand painting toy soldiers - especially Indians and Revolutionary War figures (living in Trenton, means being fascinated by the Revolution), and the Civil War. I also collect pre-painted metal soldiers recreating the spectacular Delhi Durbar of 1902-1903. (I hope to build a web site devoted to this topic in the near future)
    • Palentology - I am still fascinated by dinosaurs and am determined some year to vacation on a dig out in Montana.
    • Travel - have made it to 48 states (all but Alaska and Hawaii), plus most of Europe, Canada, and have been to Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean and Turkey.
    • and I am getting addicted to that stupid FreeCell game and Civl War Generals II on my PC!!!!!
Flag background:

Member of NAVA since 1974, Corresponding Secretary, 1987-89, President, 1989-91

Published Vexillological materials:

    • "Vexillologically Speaking, New Jersey Needs a New Flag", The Times-Advertiser, Trenton, NJ, June, 13, 1976.
    • "Civic Flags of New Jersey", The Flag Bulletin, Vol. XXII, 2 #99, Mar-Apr 1983.
    • "Current Flag Design Trends", The Flag Bulletin, XXV,6 #119, Nov-Dec 1986
    • "Modern Flag Design Trends" - Report of the 12th International Congress of Vexillology (1987) - The Flag Bulletin XXVII,1-4, Jan-Aug, 1989
    • "Card Collecting, Flags and Canada", Flagscan, (the publication of the Canadian Flag Association), Vol IV/2 #14, Jun-Aug, 1989.
    • "Fantasizing the Future of East Germany", Crux Australis (publication of the Flag Society of Australia), Vol. VI/2#26, April, 1990 "The Dawn of Modern Flag Design", The Flag Bulletin, XXX,5 #141, May-June 1991
    • "Tobacco and Tea, Chocolate and Chewing Gum, Vexillology and the Common Man", Report of the 13th International Congress of Vexillology, Melbourne, Australia (1989), Crux Australis, 1994
    • Evolutionary Vexillography: One Flag's Influence on Modern Design, RAVEN #1, 1994


Don Healy, Bisbee, Az 85603