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Canadian Native Peoples' Flags - a Sampler

Information gathered from various sources including the "The Flags of Aspirant Peoples" flag chart, and Flagscan, the journal of the Canadian Flag Association

The following are just a few of the many flags employed by Native Peoples stretching from the Arctic to the Canadian/ U.S. border. Far too many exist to offer a comprehensive introduction on this page.

Four new Quebec entries have been supplied by Luc Baronian of New Brunswick

The Atlantic Provinces

The Innu of Newfoundland, Labrador, and Quebec


The Eel Ground Mikmaq Reserve - New Brunswick


The Micmaq National flag - Atlantic Provinces


The Mikmaq - Atlantic Provinces


The Micmaq Warrior Society - Atlantic Provinces


The Province of Quebec

The Abenaki, Eastern Quebec


The Kawawachikamach Band of the Naskapi Nation, Quebec


The Kuujjuaraapik Whapmagoostui (Inuit and Cree), Quebec


Odanak First Nation (Abenaki), Quebec (possibly used by the W˘linak First Nation as well)


The Matimekush Lac John Band (Innu-Montagnais Nation), Quebec


The Ouje Bougounou Cree, Quebec


The Province of Ontario

The Beaver Lake Tribe


The Chippewa of the Thames River, Ontario


The Fort Hope Band of Nishnawake - Aski - Canada


The Six Nations of the Iroquois, Ontario and Quebec


The Temagama Ojibway, Northern Ontario


The Tyendinaga Mohawk of Ontario


The Western Provinces

The Blood, Alberta


The Enoch Band, Alberta


The Esquimalt Tribe of British Columbia


The Haida, British Columbia


The Manitoba Warrior's Society


The Metis of central and northern Canada


The Peguis of Manitoba


The Saanich, British Columbia


The Sechelt - British Columbia


The Siksika, Alberta


The T'sou-Ke Nation, British Columbia


The Union of British Columbian Indians


The White Cap Sioux Nation of Manitoba


The Northwest Territories

Nunavut, the Inuit territory carved out of the Northwest Territories in 1999

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