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Australian Native Peoples' Flags - a Sampler

Information gathered here is evidence of the beginning of the adoption of flags by the native population of Australia and her surrounding islands. The four represented flags all come from Australia's Northern Territory and off shore islands. Any additional flags will be added as photos become available. 

The Torres Straits Islanders, off the northern coast of Australia. The colors of the outer stripes are green, edged in black with a wide blue central stripe bearing a white design.

The Tiwi Islanders, off the coast of the Northern Territory. The outer end is black bearing the traditional Australian emblem, the Southern Cross, in white. The ten white and yellow stripes represent the ten tribes on the islands. In the center of these stripes are three carved sticks in traditional aboriginal colors of white, black, red ochre and yellow.

The Djiki Manunu, Northern Territory - The central emblem is comprised of a naval anchor and two Kris-like swords. The text on top reads "Dholtji Djiki Manunu" while on bottom it says "Ljorramiri Dhumala Bukulatipi". Sorry, but I have no translation.

The Djilkirritipi of the Northern Territory. The design along the bottom is repeated across the top, although virtually cut off in this photo. Like the flag above, the central device is a naval anchor and this time it is crossed with two stylized pistols. The Kris-like swords, with serpent heads, now flank the central emblem. At the top of the flag appears the line "Dhorrayana Djilkirritipi" while at the bottm is "Lamami Dhumala Walnuruwu". Again, no translation has been provided.

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