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The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Not actually a tribe, but an association of tribes, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians acts as a unified voice for the many different nations that are to be found in the four state region it covers. Tribes such as the Flathead, the Yakima, the Nez Perce and the Umatilla all are members of the association which brings together native peoples from Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Associations such as the Affiliated Tribes are to be found throughout the United States where they can coordinate economic, health, education and governmental relations.

In the northwest a prime concern of many of the tribes is fishing rights.

With much of the region's geography greatly altered by damming such essential rivers as the Columbia and Snake, the impact upon fishing, especially the salmon fishing has been devastating. Many of the tribes had for centuries relied upon fishing for the major source of food and income. Many of the treaties, especially the Treaty of 1855, dealt with the fishing right of the indigenous people. Now altered by the great dams, such as the Grand Coulee, the native peoples are seeking recompense for their losses and compensation for their altered lifestyles.

The flag of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (sample flag provided by All Nations Flag Co., Portland, OR) is white with a red border set just in from the outer edges of all four sides. Within this is placed the emblem of the association.

That emblem is a map showing the four states covered by the association in outline. The map is crossed by a peacepipe, symbolizing the cooperation between the member tribes. Surrounding the map is the association's name and acronym in black letters. .

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