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The Alabama Quassarte

The Alabama people originated in the southeastern part of the United States in an area that, today bears their name, the State of Alabama. As French allies in the French and Indian War, the Alabama thought it wise to move west into lands now part of Louisiana and Texas after the British victory in that war. Those who remained in their original lands became very close allies of the Creek, or Muskogee Indians. When the Creek were evicted to the Indian Territory in 1830, their Alabama alllies went with them (ENAT, 6).

Today the only recognized distinctive Alabama tribe is located in Texas where they are united with the Coushatta nation. The Alabama, whose name means "weed
gatherers" also live on as part of the Creek nation in Oklahoma. There they share the town of Eufaula with the Quassarte, their spelling of what in Texas are the Coushatta.

The Quassarte (Coushatta) also originated in what is now Alabama and shared much of the same recent history as their Alabama cousins. Those that merged with the
Creek in the early 19th century were sent to Oklahoma with the Muskogee.

The remnants of these two nations, as existing in Oklahoma, are now considered to be Creek, not their ancient tribes.

The flag of the Alabama Quassarte consists of a white square with a red panel equal to half the size of the white on either side. In vexillological and heraldic terms, this is known as a Canadian Pale, since the flag of Canada was the first major flag to employ three stripes in these proportions 1:2:1. Centered on the white area is a beautiful representation of a Red Tailed (proper species name, Ted, that's why it is capitalized) hawk. The hawk's spread wings reach almost to the edges of the white square. He is shown with a black face, brown body and upper part of the wings; yellow central wings and tail feathers and the ends of the wings appear in red. All feathers are depicted by black lines. The hawk holds in its talons a white scroll bearing "ETVLWVOMVLKV YRVKKV" in black lettering. Presumably, this is the tribal name in the Alabama tongue.

Over the hawk's head in black is the official name "Alabama Quassarte Tribal Town" while below is the date of its founding "Est. 1939". 

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